Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little World Cup Flash Games but Big Fun

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No chance to go to South Africa in person to watch World Cup matches? No problem! We can play World Cup flash games instead!

Those football flash games interact with players the most and make you feel you are really playing football on the ground with your fierce rivals. The football-themed flash games are small, convenient, free-to-play and with easy access.

So, no matter you are a professional football player or an ashes-class football gamer, I'm sure you have a lot secrets, tricks and experience to share both in the World Cup flash game or on the real playground.

Ok, here we go! The first question is: where can we find the World Cup football flash games? Well, speaking of this, I have some recommendations:

> >

Both are very nice flash game site and the visual effect is excellent. Search "World Cup" or "football" from many existing game categories.

The second question(the key one): how can we share the way we play the game with friends?

Actually this question is big and may involve other sub-questions, so I 'll try to explain some typical ones that I think you may encounter:

a. In case you like this particular World Cup flash game and want to save it, DOWNLOAD it!


How to do it: just type the URL of this game you find from above recommended flash game website and save it to your computer folder.

b. What if i want to record the whole process of how I play the game and share it with my friends, CONVERT it!


How to do it: it takes only three steps.

Step 1: Choose the right output format according to where would you like to share the game with friends. It could be internet, iPod, music player, home DVD player and so on.


Step 2: Click "Convert" to enter the capturing screen and play the game right there just like the way you play on the internet.


Step 3: Click "Finish" to start the conversion process of how you play the game in the previous step.


c. When the conversion completes, UPLOAD it to the right destination to share the way you play World Cup flash games with your friends.

Some links of above illustrated programs that will definitely help:

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro:

Moyea Free Flash Downloader: >

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