Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adobe Mobile Edition Flash Player 10.1 is Released

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According to media, Adobe has released the Flash Player 10.1 (beta) for desktop computers seven months ago, also, a Flash Player beta version for Android system was released as well last month. Today, Adobe finally introduces the release of mobile edition Flash Player 10.1 and has promoted it to its global partners.

Despite the sharp criticism given by Apple CEO Steve Jobs regarding the stability, security, and resources use of Flash Player, Adobe debuts the mobile edition Flash Player 10.1 and wants to prove that it is a horrible mistake that Apple banned the Flash Player software in its mobile devices. Flash Player 10.1 is for sure to bring the complete network experience for mobile users, to support the websites that contain thousands of rich contents and applications, including games and animations, etc will also become an indispensable part of mobile experience.

Mobile edition Flash Player 10.1 is open for downloading today, therefore all the smart phones using the latest Android and Android 2.2 Froyo can enjoy the Flash Player 10.1 services. So far, the devices like Dell Streak, Google Nexus One, HTC Evo, HTC Desire, HTC Incredible, MOTOROLA DROID, MOTOROLA Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S, etc already with the perfect support to Android 2.2 and Flash Player 10.1.

Adobe said it will publish Flash Player software to other equipment co-partners as well, such as Blackberry, Palm webOS, Windows Phone 7, MeeGo, LiMo and so on. Users can download online and in the next few months, they can also buy the Flash Player 10.1 preinstalled devices like smartphones, flat plate, etc. At present, Flash Player 10.1 still has a long way to go and has to face the challenges in the next couple of years until it is accepted by more platforms other than Android 2.2. Adobe plans to expand the Flash Player 10.1 product line to more than half of the smartphones in global by 2012.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little World Cup Flash Games but Big Fun

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No chance to go to South Africa in person to watch World Cup matches? No problem! We can play World Cup flash games instead!

Those football flash games interact with players the most and make you feel you are really playing football on the ground with your fierce rivals. The football-themed flash games are small, convenient, free-to-play and with easy access.

So, no matter you are a professional football player or an ashes-class football gamer, I'm sure you have a lot secrets, tricks and experience to share both in the World Cup flash game or on the real playground.

Ok, here we go! The first question is: where can we find the World Cup football flash games? Well, speaking of this, I have some recommendations:

> >

Both are very nice flash game site and the visual effect is excellent. Search "World Cup" or "football" from many existing game categories.

The second question(the key one): how can we share the way we play the game with friends?

Actually this question is big and may involve other sub-questions, so I 'll try to explain some typical ones that I think you may encounter:

a. In case you like this particular World Cup flash game and want to save it, DOWNLOAD it!


How to do it: just type the URL of this game you find from above recommended flash game website and save it to your computer folder.

b. What if i want to record the whole process of how I play the game and share it with my friends, CONVERT it!


How to do it: it takes only three steps.

Step 1: Choose the right output format according to where would you like to share the game with friends. It could be internet, iPod, music player, home DVD player and so on.


Step 2: Click "Convert" to enter the capturing screen and play the game right there just like the way you play on the internet.


Step 3: Click "Finish" to start the conversion process of how you play the game in the previous step.


c. When the conversion completes, UPLOAD it to the right destination to share the way you play World Cup flash games with your friends.

Some links of above illustrated programs that will definitely help:

Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro:

Moyea Free Flash Downloader: >

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

See What Can You Do with World Cup Videos on YouTube

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Some of my friends always stay up very late recently to see the live broadcasting of World Cup 2010 matches. Snacks and beers therefore become their best mate in front of TV and computer.

They say: "I need more!". Besides something they can grab to eat, something that can really facilitate the game watching is also very important. Instead just simply watching the games, most people are likely to control the games, I mean, to have more options about what can they do with those online World Cup videos.

Here comes our topic today: the introduction of a tool that you can use to handle World Cup football videos in any way you want!

Leawo Video Accelerator is a multi-functional utility for accelerating and downloading online flash videos. We only focus on its fabulous video handling features right now and will take for example to show how it works.

Whenever you browse an online flash video from YouTube, Google Video or others in "Browse" tab, all the video information is recorded in "Video" tab for your future references and actions. And this is where we start to illustrate with the following pictures.

You can Play, Stop, Download, Convert and Burn World Cup videos directly from the control bar.

Play: enjoy the smooth and fast World Cup video playing because of the built-in FLV player and accelerator.

Download: one-click to save the World Cup video in your computer.

Convert: invoke the FLV converter to convert the World Cup video to other popular video/audio formats.

Burn: invoke the DVD creator to create your own DVD for playback on DVD player for great fun.

You can also Classify, Trace, Rename and Check Properties of World Cup videos from its right-click menu.

Move to Other Category: classify the World Cup video to the proper category showing on the left of the program.

Rename: change the World Cup video name to the one you prefer and easy to recognize, for example, MEX VS URU.

Browse Website: go back to the original World Cup video URL in "Browse" tab.

Properties: check all the available information of the selected World Cup video.

If you are going to stay up again tonight for the exciting World Cup football games, make sure this video accelerator is part of the celebration! LOL! Enjoy!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 on YouTube and Save it for Your Own

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Where is the best place to watch FIFA World Cup 2010? What is the best way to enjoy the FIFA World Cup 2010 with excellent picture quality and fast speed? How do we do if we want to save those exciting FIFA World Cup 2010 match clips?

Take it easy, let's explain it one by one:

I. YouTube, the best place to watch FIFA World Cup 2010 online: that 's right, there is nothing you can not find on YouTube! From the World Cup theme song to individual games between any teams; from World Cup commercials to scandals; from handsome well-known David Beckham to beautiful anonymous cheerleader……

II. Video Accelerator, the best tool to assure the high quality and fast speed FIFA World Cup 2010: I have to say this program provides the most complete solutions for dealing with online videos(not just the FIFA World Cup 2010 videos) ever. With this all-in-one software, you can:

Browse FIFA World Cup 2010 websites inside the program: the built-in IE core makes it the powerful internet browser. You can check several webpages at a time using its multi-tab function; you can set your preferred homepage and you can add anything that interests you to Favorites, etc.

Search FIFA World Cup 2010 from famous video sharing websites: you can easily type the searching key words and choose from where(YouTube, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, etc) the program is going to perform this search.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2010 with accelerated speed: the good thing of this program is it has an embedded FLV player and accelerator that work perfectly with each other to bring you the fastest and most convenient watching experience.

III. Video Accelerator again, the best downloader as well to save the unforgettable FIFA World Cup 2010 game clips.

You can download any browsed FIFA World Cup 2010 video clips to your computer with just one click; you can convert them to any popular video/audio formats for playback on different portable devices; and you can even burn them to hard copy DVD.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ways to Upload SWF File to Website

I always come across the question asks that: how to upload the SWF files to website? Well, it depends on different circumstances, I 'll try to explain according to what I know, if you have something to add, just go ahead and let me know.

Usually, I have two ways to get the source SWF files: online flash making programs and the existed SWF files in my PC.

The former means you produce the SWF file from some online flash making programs. They can be flash banner making programs, flash chart making programs and so on. In this case, you don 't have to download and install the program, just do it online according to their instructions. When you finish all the editing and customizing work, the program will generate several lines of codes, and that ' s all you need to put in your website.

The latter means the existed SWF file with the extension .swf saved in your computer or produced by Adobe Flash CS5(the latest one). The created SWF files like this works perfectly in Internet Explorer, but doesn't load in all netscape. Or vice versa. The reason is flash has a lot of issues with its plugin player and browser compatibility. In circumstances such as these you need to be able to convert SWF to animated GIF before uploading to your website.

Again, at least this is what i'm doing right now. Of course, you have many other options like you can directly upload the SWF file to your web server; like you can convert the SWF file to video format first, and then make a player for it, and at last, upload them all to website.

However, convert SWF to animated GIF is the easiest among all the methods because you can easily upload it to your website as the same way you upload a common picture.

Another reason to make it the easiest solution is some of your clients don't want flash content or do not have the flash plugin. Again, in these situations, you need to be able to convert the .swf file to a .gif file so that you can display the swf image to those particular clients.

I have to emphasize here that convert SWF to animated GIF will not make it ugly! The dynamic effect of the originally SWF file keeps unchanged because you have the frame-by-frame control of the whole conversion progress and you can even customize the frame rate, image size and compression quality etc to ensure a better output.

Convert SWF to animated GIF will not cost you anything either! It 's free and available to get within just few clicks.

3 Steps to Convert SWF to Animated GIF with Moyea SWF to Video Pro

Step 1: Launch SWF to Video Pro and select the way you prefer to input the source SWF file.

upload swf to web1

Step 2: This SWF converter can convert SWF to Video, SWF to Video with alpha, and SWF to Image series respectively. Now choose Animated GIF as the target output format from image series style drop down menu.

upload swf to web2

Step 3: Click "Convert" to start the SWF to Animated GIF conversion.

upload swf to web3

When the conversion completes, you can upload the generated animated GIF to anywhere on the website and enjoy it as a high-quality SWF substitute.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

V3.0.7.0 of Leawo Free YouTube Downloader Accelerates Video Playing and Downloading under W7

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Equipted with the full capability of accelerating YouTube video playback and downloading under W7, Leawo Free YouTube Downloader V3.0.7.0 is released.

Shenzhen P.R.C-Jun, 01st, 2010-Leawo Software Co., Ltd.( ): a professional multimedia solution provider and an award-winning video/audio converting software supplier, today officially announces the release of its latest Leawo Free YouTube Downloader V3.0.7.0 with the full capability of browsing and accelerating YouTube videos under W7.

Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is not only a free flash video downloader but also an accelerator for downloading and speeding up FLV vidoes from YouTube and many other video sharing websites like Google Video, MySpace etc. The built-in accelerator assures a very smooth video playback and fast video downloading process directly in the program under W7.

The Upgraded Features of Leawo Free YouTube Downloader V3.0.7.0

1. The power to accelerate flash video playback and downloading under W7 - in the last edition released about two months ago, Leawo Free YouTube Downloader already had the full capability of browsing websites under W7. Now, the new version V3.0.7.0 is just getting one step closer to W7 because it fully supports to accelerate video playback and downloading while browsing them in IE or other browsers with the built-in IE core.

Price and Availability of Leawo Free YouTube Downloader V3.0.7.0

Leawo Free YouTube Downloader is a totally free and clean tool that can be downloaded via the link below. For the acceleration of HD flash videos, please refer to Leawo Video Accelerator Pro.

System Requirement of Leawo Free YouTube Downloader V3.0.7.0

It works well with Windows XP/2000/NT/Vista and the latest Windows 7. In order to have a smooth and fast flash video enjoyment, highly recommend to install the accelerator when the setup wizard prompts. It won't occupy too much space even to do so.


Company Website:

Product Webpage:

Product Download Link:

Contact Person


Leawo Software Co., Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Best Video Formats for Uploading to YouTube

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It is a very basic and important thing for all the video fans to know: how to upload your own video to YouTube and what kind of video format does it accept? If you are going to share a video with the world on YouTube.

1. How to upload your own video to YouTube?

Make sure you have membership access to YouTube. Click "Sign in" to log in with either YouTube ID or Google ID. If you don't have any, please click "Create Account" to register.

Once your registration is successful, please follow the instructions afterwards. With the access to your YouTube account, you can 1. upload and share your own videos with the world; 2. comment on, rate, and make video responses to your favorite videos; 3. build playlists of favorites to watch later.

2. What is the best video format for uploading to YouTube?

It's time to do something to your videos now. YouTube can accept almost any video format for upload, but for best results, please make sure the videos you are going to upload meet the following standards:

Have fun broadcasting yourself on YouTube!

3. In reverse, how to download a video from YouTube?

Instead of uploading a video to YouTube, download one may need the help from certain program. Something called YouTube Downloader. It can play the YouTube vidoes right in the program with high speed, download them to your local computer, and convert them( if necessary) to other video formats for playback on various portable devices.